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The Gift of Private Yoga

The start of the new year is the perfect time to begin new adventures. And with the cold weather consuming us it's probably best to keep those adventures indoors! So, how about giving your child the gift of yoga in your home?

Here are a few reasons why yoga can be so beneficial for your child:

1.) They will learn that yoga can happen anywhere, not just a yoga studio.

One of the things I'm most passionate about instilling in children is that yoga is a way of being that can be carried with them throughout their life. Yoga means "union." It is the practice of finding unity with what is present. Yoga doesn't have to begin and end within the confines of a yoga studio. When children practice yoga in the comfort of their own home (or the home of their friend) they learn practical ways to bring yoga with them into their day to day life.

This past week I asked each of the children in a private class to think of a way they could practice yoga every day until our next session. One girl said she would meditate before bed, and another said she would do sun salutations every morning. Since we practice yoga in a living room, it makes the idea of doing yoga in the home much more accessible for them.

2.) Your child will have the opportunity to slow down.

Life is busy. Children often feel like there is always somewhere to go and something to get done- especially within the hustle and bustle of New York City. A yoga class offered in the comfort of the home is the perfect way to allow your child to let go of the pressure, slow down and be in the moment. There's no rush to get to class on time because there's no where to go!

3.) A private class can be tailored to your child's interests and needs.

When teaching privately, the instructor is really able to customize the class to fit the interests and needs of the child or children. It's amazing how often times the children's creativity can spark a whole new pathway in a class.

One group that I teach weekly comes to yoga after taking a sewing class. After sitting for so long, they are packed with energy and ready to move. Following their lead and creativity, after I teach them a series of poses I allow them to write down the names of the poses on cards. We then create an obstacle course using the pose cards to guide us. If they still have a lot of energy after the obstacle course, we use the pose cards to connect the poses in a flow or vinyasa sequence. It's truly inspiring to see them connecting all the poses with ease!

4) You can spark a lifelong practice.

As a parent, I know there seem to be a million activities that you can choose from. I also know what it feels like to just want what's best for your child. Planting the seed of yoga can be life changing for both you and your child. I just had a mother tell me that bringing her daughters to yoga when they were young changed their lives. She said it changed their whole night time routine. Now her girls do breathing and calming meditations before bed. Yoga has become a central part of their lives. This makes my heart so happy!

Want to learn more?

Visit my website here or email me here. I'd love to help ignite the spark of yoga in your child and family!

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