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5 Reasons to Come to Story Time Yoga

I've been teaching Story Time Yoga for caregivers and children ages 6-24 months for a few weeks now. It's been so much fun and I love leading the class. Here are 5 reasons why I think you should bring your little one!

1) It is never too early to start yoga.

I totally understand the hesitation to bring your baby or toddler to a class when they might not "do" anything. The beauty of yoga- and what I love most about it- is that it's not actually about doing anything. It's about a state of being. No matter how old your child is, if you come to class they are absolutely taking in the energy of yoga.

If your child wanders off to the side of the room to explore, for example, I suggest following them and bringing the lesson to them. If we are singing and barking in downdog you can bark in your downdog pose near your child. The act of modeling rather than forcing helps your little one absorb the message that yoga is expansive not restrictive.

2) It's fun and balanced.

Story Time Yoga is a balance of structure and freedom. Class follows the same general path each week since children respond very well to repetition. We always start with the same song that reminds us to stop and feel our breathing. We always read two books and do our downdog, cow, cat and snake poses. At the same time, there is room to change up the lesson plan if it isn't working. And there is always time for free play and exploration. NO pressure here!

3) You can connect with other grown ups and children.

Sometimes taking care of a baby or toddler can be a bit isolating (as a mom of 16 month old, I get it!). Seeing babies the same age as your own or watching older children and where they are developmentally are enlightening experiences. Relating and connecting to other grown ups reminds you that you are not alone in this parenting thing.

4) It's a great bonding activity for you and your little one.

Some simple poses that incorporate your child (boat pose or downdog, for example) create a fun way to bond. Your child will literally see you from another angle maybe while laying on top of your shins or crawling underneath you in your downdog pose. You will be able to listen and see how they respond the poses and maybe even bring a few home with you.

5) You can create priceless memories.

I began practicing yoga with my daughter Em when she was about 6 weeks old. Some of my most precious memories are of times we connected on the yoga mat. Story Time Yoga is a great place to play together and create fun memories.

Those are just a few reasons why I love Story Time Yoga so much. Want to know more? Email and we can chat!

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